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Making decisions about your home should be fun, empowering, and leave you feeling satisfied. Unfortunately, with so many options today, it can often feel overwhelming. At Royal Wood, we focus on the product that can transform your home in one easy choice: engineered hardwood floor. Our floors provide the best combination of natural beauty, durability, and economy. We’ve sourced the world to find the best option for your floors so you can focus on designing the home of your dreams.


With modern innovations in stain and texturing technology, we are able to engineer the perfect tone for every taste while maintaining the natural strength of our hardwoods, such as European White Oak. Our staff is always available to help match your home’s existing color palette or help you find a new stain to give your home a fresh, contemporary style.


At Royal Wood, you don’t have to settle for out-of-the box, mass produced furniture. Not only can we transform your home with incredible floors and custom staircases, our talented woodworking team is ready to make your furniture dreams a reality. Whether you’re looking for a perfect compliment to your beautiful floor or interested in designing a unique conversation piece, our team of designers, engineers, and woodworkers will work with you to make the ideal furniture piece, just for you and your home.

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